CRS Rice Bowl is an annual Lenten program sponsored by Catholic Relief Services, the international relief and development agency of the U.S. Catholic Bishops. This program introduces experiences of prayer, fasting and almsgiving to students and others during Lent. It is available to all Catholic parishes and schools. After financial offerings are collected from the almsgiving portion, seventy-five percent is then allocated to CRS’s international development projects. Twenty-five percent of the collection is allocated to local archdiocese programs that alleviate hunger and poverty. These funds are distributed to parishes and other organizations in the form of grants.

Average Grant: $200 – $800 (depends on financial request and number of other requests that year)

Application Schedule: Grant applications are accepted until the deadline of June 15th each year. They are distributed by the following November.

Application: Applications can be submitted annually. Application forms for 2019 are now available in download page. Grant Report Forms for 2018 are also available on the download page.

Send applications to Adam Fitzpatrick by email or mail to 777 Forest Street, St Paul, MN  55106.

Contact: For all inquiries, contact Adam Fitzpatrick by email or call 651.291.4410.

Awarding grant to Dorothy Day Center