The Fr. Karl Wittman Fund provides financial support for specific mission projects in overseas mission dioceses that have no additional funding from mission resources. These are one-time project grants.

Average Grant: $2,000 per project (depends on financial request and number of other requests that year)

Application Schedule: Deadline for applications for grants are accepted until March 31st of the year they are needed. Grant awards are then distributed by August of the year they are requested.

Application: Submit a request in writing from the Bishop’s office stating the mission initiative need and benefits of the project.

Send applications to Deacon Mickey Friesen by email or mail to 777 Forest Street, St Paul, MN  55106.

Contact: For all inquiries, contact Deacon Mickey Friesen by email or call 651.291.4445.

Prayer at youth gathering, Pentapadu, India

Joseph Ukpo Hospital In Nigeria