The national Black and Native American Mission Collection, administered by the Black and Indian Mission Office, provides grants to dioceses across the country to operate programs in schools, parishes and other missionary services that build the Body of Christ in Native American, Native Alaskan and the Black Catholic communities.

In the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Catholic schools and parishes serving Native American and Black communities may apply for grants from the Black and Indian Mission Office to support evangelization and education efforts. Applications are sent through the Center for Mission.

Grant Amounts: Depends on needs

Application Due Dates: Applications are due by March 31st of the year the grants will be received. Grant awards will be distributed in two installments: the following July and December.

Application: Complete the grant application form for a Catholic School or parish and submit it to the Center for Mission by March 31st.  Send applications to Deacon Mickey Friesen, email or mail to 777 Forest Street, St. Paul, MN  55106. Application forms to be available by September 2018. For application forms: Click Here>>

Contact: Questions, Contact Deacon Mickey Friesen, email or 651.291.4445.

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