Catholic Relief Services is the international development organization of the United States Catholic Bishops. They provide both immediate disaster relief as well as long-term support for improving conditions for people around the world. Their work is respected for innovative programs and partnerships they undertake to support human dignity by providing healthcare, food, shelter, and more among the needy in the world.

An example of a program that enables students and families to encounter those overseas needing our support through CRS, is CRS Rice Bowl. This program takes students and families through the three pillars of Lent (almsgiving, prayer and fasting) by introducing them to families and their particular situations overseas. It is a robust program with many different opportunities of encountering others during Lent.  For information, Click Here>>.

In the U.S., Catholic Relief Services has a strong mission and mobilization team who develop advocacy leaders to connect with legislators on a variety of important issues to help those struggling to flourish and grow. The Lead the Way campaign on Migration and Hunger aids chapters across the U.S. contact legislators about issues concerning global hunger. For more information regarding this effort click here>> 

In September, 2022, CRS is launching a new climate campaign to inform and help those interested in caring for creation, for information, click here>>

CRS has a local and active chapter that services the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. For information, contact Adam Fitzpatrick >>